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PVC windows at convenient prices and equipped with glass that become dangerous sharp blades are an aspect that is too underestimated.

Your children often run and play near the window panes.

Make sure you rely on PVC windows at such costs as to be able to guarantee you glass that, in case of breakage, does not become dangerous. 

We rely on the most up-to-date rules to give you maximum security. 

This is why we only use certified and safe glass for our windows: 

  • laminated: if the glass breaks it stays in place without creating sharp elements
  • tempered: the glass breaks into many small pieces that are not dangerous

Depending on where your window will be installed, we will always tell you which is the best solution.



Not all PVCs are the same; it is the stabilizers that determine the characteristics of duration over time and mechanical resistance. We only use zinc / calcium stabilizers to have the highest quality and avoid using dangerous lead. 

We guarantee the total absence of lead to protect your health by making products that are 100% recyclable



It is practically impossible to notice that a component of your window is in fact radioactive and therefore dangerous.

We want you to live in a comfortable and above all safe environment. 

And that is why we guarantee and certify that we only supply non-carcinogenic PVC windows and doors without radioactive components. 

For more information, refer to Legislative Decree 01 June 2011, n. 100


1) Each window sold must necessarily be accompanied by the CE marking which defines the performance values ​​of the product and therefore its value.

Thermal performance and air permeability must be indicated and can be provided either with a label applied to each window or with attached documentation.

According to the current European legislation, the values ​​of wind resistance, acoustic performance and water tightness are not mandatory but by our choice we also provide these values ​​in the documentation in order to allow the consumer to acquire all useful information to verify the quality of their purchase. .

The Italian legislation is, however, superior and more protective than the EC standards that respect the European parameters and, in the case of the purchase of imported products, there is no certainty that these parameters, which are for consumer protection, are respected: it is the case of PVC windows banned in Germany.

The documentation must be written in the language of the country where the window is sold and not in the language of the country of production.

2) Of great importance for the evaluation of the quality of the product is the certification of belonging to the “S” class of the profiles. According to the European standard EN12608, the use of class “S” profiles is mandatory for windows and doors sold on the Italian territory. The “S” class certifies the resistance of the profiles to the strong sunlight of the Italian territory while in other countries of northern Europe profiles in class “M”, ie medium resistance to sunlight. The consequence deriving from the use of unsuitable profiles is the premature aging of the product due to the action of solar radiation.


3) In Italy, Legislative Decree 100/2011 is in force which requires certification of the absence of radioactivity in ferrous metal components.This requirement applies to the reinforcements of windows and doors and the CE certification alone is not sufficient to guarantee compliance with this obligation as it is not provided for by European legislation and the aforementioned certification must accompany the products sold in Italy.

4) Guarantees. By law, the product warranty must be at least two years and is issued by the seller. The guarantee must clearly indicate the type of defects and faults covered by the guarantee and the types of intervention and duration.Our company provides a 10-year guarantee on both the product and on each component, a guarantee well above the legal limits and we can give such extensive coverage as manufacturers of the product.

 5) Declaration of energy performance of the product.The energy declaration of the product is necessary information both for obtaining tax breaks and for verifying compliance with the insulation values ​​in force today. These values ​​vary according to the climatic zone in which the windows and doors will be placed and the legislation provides for ever more efficient energy saving values.Our production respects these values ​​and we can supply products that already comply with the 2020 regulations.

 6) Declaration of conformity with the EN 14351-I / CE standard . The document must be provided by the manufacturer and written in Italian and the manufacturer’s header and address must be indicated and the number of the declaration and the order, the year of manufacture of the window frame and ITT certificates (initial type testing) referring to the order itself must be specified.Certificates are cascaded by system manufacturers to their partners and ensure product compliance.


“Total Security” Philosophy Articolo 27

Our safety standards, the result of a meticulous search for materials and components, guarantee excellent performance in terms of anti-intrusion and anti-accident.

The equipment indicated is standard in all our windows for your peace of mind and your loved ones.


The safety strikers are fixed directly on the steel reinforcements and guarantee better resistance to attempts to unhinge


The special pawls placed on the frame’s abutment ensure that the doors adhere to it and blocked in the grooves of the strikers themselves, they prevent the doors from being undermined by lifting


The hardware of the windows of Articolo 27, brand AGB of Italian production, is equipped with locking of the doors in case of incorrect positioning of the handle in order to avoid unhooking from the hinges


Every falling door is equipped with a limit switch device to prevent accidental impacts or misalignments in the event of strong winds


All windows are equipped with double glazing with laminated safety glass on the inside and the French windows are equipped with double glazing with laminated safety glass on both sides.

Double glazing with laminated glass represents safety, both in the event of accidental impacts as even in the event of breakage there are no sharp edges but the sheet remains compact, and in the event of an attempted break-in as it offers better resistance to breakage attempts.

The choice of PVC windows with these characteristics also responds to the best practicality in case of breakage compared to tempered glass because the tempered glass in case of breakage shatters leaving the window without glass until it is completely replaced while the stratified sheets remain, even if broken. , in place allowing to program the replacement while maintaining good insulation from the outside.

If you are still undecided between PVC or aluminum windows, you can call us immediately to make an appointment and we will provide you with all the answers to your doubts.


Marika SerasiniMarika Serasini
11:07 11 Jan 22
Experience from 10 and praise with the guys of the Cooperative Article 27: we changed all the window and door frames, from wood to PVC and we found ourselves very well, both on a personal level and in terms of materials.The fixtures are of excellent quality, the service was excellent, fast and professional.Highly recommended, we will certainly turn to them again in case of need, in the future.
F. E.F. E.
19:30 27 Oct 21
Great experience. Professional guys. Punctuality, precision, availability and seriousness. And also very nice. A special note for Alessio, Matteo and Edy.I would choose them and choose them again.Great guys👍🙂Enrica.
Giovanni MolinariGiovanni Molinari
08:47 04 May 21
Purchased PVC windows and patio doors of excellent quality and beautiful to look at. Since they installed them, the house has been much quieter and there is no comparison with the old windows in terms of thermal resistance! All at an ultra-competitive price !!!
Nosbrother bannedNosbrother banned
08:04 21 Apr 21
They installed the new security door for me. Great door, timely delivery and assembly.
Francesca SciandraFrancesca Sciandra
15:23 17 Apr 21
Beautiful windows of excellent quality I have not turned on the heating since I changed them in January !!! Excellent also the price without a shadow of a doubt it was the most competitive


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