The various blackout systems for windows with PVC or aluminum shutters
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External shutters for PVC or aluminum windows are created to meet the need to regulate, in a natural way, the lighting of the rooms of a home and to optimize acoustic and thermal insulation at a competitive price.

They give the house charm and uniqueness and emphasize the aesthetic characteristics of the window. 

The wide range of colors simplifies the search and helps to choose the style that best suits the specific needs of the different architectural, performance, design contexts and can be easily combined with other PVC or aluminum windows in your home. 

Only with us you will be able to find affordable shutters and external blind systems for windows in which the safety of the shutters is the primary objective.


We at Articolo27 can offer you aluminum shutters also in imitation wood at excellent prices.

The aluminum blinds are customizable in different colors.

We also supply shutters with adjustable slats that are created to meet the specific lighting needs of the rooms in your apartment.

If you are interested in faux wood aluminum shutters at special prices, contact us now to book an appointment at our office.


If, before asking for a fixtures quote, you would like to get a general idea of ​​the PVC shutters at the unbeatable prices we can offer you, we invite you to consult our online catalog that you can find in the ‘learn more’ section.

You will find all the information you need to understand which PVC shutter could be suitable for your needs.

In any case, you can always contact us to make an appointment and get a free, no-obligation quote.


Persiana PVC Capri-ischia

The Capri-Ischia System is a system of profiles for the construction of PVC shutters with blind, spaced, adjustable slats and slats. 

We have the possibility to provide you with sliding shutters by choosing between 3 different mounting systems: on frame, monobloc or direct attachment to the wall.

Furthermore, always on request, we can install locks with triple locking to reduce the risk of theft in the house at night. 

The tubular reinforcement and the aluminum brackets give this shutter exceptional stability.

anta chiusa nel sistema oscurante capri ischia


► Profiles for the construction of blind, spaced, adjustable slat shutters and slatted curtain walls.

► Closure with corner or espagnolette flaps.

► Possible possibility of installing sliding shutters as well.

► Locks with triple locking, on request, with internal knob and with pump cylinder with one delivery, placed on the outside.




► Good stability thanks to the tubular reinforcement in galvanized steel and the internal brackets in aluminum with heat sealing.

► Three types of selectable mounting: monobloc, frame or directly hooked to the wall.

persiane alluminio


The Elba shutter system is made of aluminum – therefore light and at the same time solid, thanks above all to the special static characteristics of the corner joints. The aluminum shutters of the Elba system are made in different versions: with fixed or movable slats, or with an infill of panel profiles. 

Of course, a wide range of Uni colors and wood decorations is available for all variants.



► Shutters system in aluminum profiles with mobile or fixed slats.

► The infill is also available with panel profiles with a thickness of 24 mm.

► The shutter is applied directly to the wall, to the window or to a special counter frame.

► Excellent static and maximum solidity thanks to the corner joint.

► Excellent thermal, darkening and weather protection.


► Wide choice of UNI colors and wood decorations.

► For a perfect adhesion of the film all the profiles have been eloxidized and pre-painted.

► Easy care and maintenance.

► Shutters opening mechanism with locking device, optionally with long, angular or wall adjustable hinges.


If you need to install windows with PVC shutters at unbeatable prices, you have finally found the solution!

In fact, the Koemmerling Grado system makes it possible to create a series of classic types of blinds: the Vicentina folding shutter (packet shutter inside the wall), the traditional rustic shutters with full doors and the Padovana one.

►Systems of profiles for the construction of shutters for rustic, folding and folding outward windows.

►Closure with “spagnolette”, straps, straight or articulated.

►On request, triple locking locks can be inserted.


scuri in pvc a prezzi imbattibili


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